Monday, November 10, 2008

An open letter

Dear Hindu and Times,

Thanks to you

1. I know that Barack means blessing in Arabic
2. I know that Obama’s younger daughter suffers from certain allergies so they are very particular about the kind of dog they want
3. I know that Obama’s father was an Indonesian, he has roots in Kenya, his mother married an African American whom she later divorced and married an Indonesian
4. Thanks to u I know the first gaffe that Obama made, by talking about Nancy Reagan who did séances (she did not do séances. it was Hillary Clinton. that was the gaffe)
5. I know that Barack Obama’s mother had a keralite friend who sends her best wishes to Obama
6. I know that Sarah Palin is so dumb that she doesn’t know Africa is a continent. hu hu!! :-\
7. I know what his policies are, what he intends to do, when he will be sworn in etc
8. I know that he loved his grandmother and was devastated by her death and that she frequently passed racist comments
9. I know that McCain accepted defeat very gracefully and made a very touching speech
10. I know that Obama's slogan is “Yes we can” with everyone yelling “Yes we can”

But No thanks to you

1. I have no clue what pratibha or manmohan means
2. I just realized I don’t even know if manmohan Singh is married and who pratibha patil's husband is and if she has children or not and if those children have allergies or not or if they own a dog or not
3. When I don’t even know who their spouses were, how on earth will I know about their parents or their children??
4. I don’t even know what was the first speech that pratibha patil or manmohan singh made forget the "gaffes" in those
5. Ha ha ha ha. That would be my reaction if someone asked me to name the woman who was close friends with Pratibha Patils' mom
6. I don’t even know who stood against Pratibha Patil in the presidential election let alone the oppositions vice presidential nominee
7. I have no clue what Patil or Manmohan Singh's slogan during their elections was

Maybe you can argue saying Barack Obama is the first African American US president and hence the wide publicity. But wait a minute. Wasn’t pratibha patil the first woman president in India??

Why must we cover the US presidential elections so extensively?

On the day Obama got elected Hindu's front page, last page and the two sport pages were completely devoted to the US presidential elections with photos of people in Kenya celebrating, bush congratulating Obama.. Jeez!!!

Three days back the times on the front page had an article on Obama’s first speech and gaffe after becoming president.

What next? Thebrand of toilet paper he uses?

The brand of hair cream he uses???

Why is it so important for me to know what Bill Clinton names his dog and cat?

Do the US newspapers cover Indian election so extensively?

I don’t care if Obama’s daughter is allergic to dog hair or not (I just realized I don’t know if I am allergic to dog hair or not!!)

Hindu and Times, maybe u can change ur name to Washington Post and New York Times respectively

P.S: yeah!! You can argue saying I could have chosen not to read about Malia's allergies and sigh!! I guess its because of people like me that a country like the US is THE most over hyped country!! Am I a hypocrite? I don't know.
P.P.S: Pro-US people desist from leaving acerbic anonymous comments. Yeah!! you love your country and i love mine!!


phatichar said...

Pretty thought provoking.

Errr..pun wasn't intended..

Arun said...

@Revs, ah spittin fire !!! :)

now you know how I feel when the Indian newspapers and news channels behave wrt Indian cricket while sacrificing more important sport news ;)

Sree said...

Ah! Revs and Politics!! Can there be a sync!! :P
Sahi boli...Newspapers are tattus..who will chapofy anything that will help to sell their sheets of recycled papers!!
Do you know that Obama on being elected called the premiers of 22 nations including the paki prez, but missed our sardar?? Our prez in saadi toh is worse than a mannequin...atleast we take a second look at mannequins!! ;)
I would name the Jerry in my house as Palin...Its like cute, maybe an ex-beauty queen in the 3rd workd, and even i bet it doesnt know where Africa is...!! :D

anu said...

Ok...before I say Go gal!! I wud inform u that Manmohan Singh is indeed married and some news channel broadcast an interview of his old wife,and one of the qtns they asked her was "What dress is Manmohanji going to wear tomorrow for the swearing in ceremony?" and she replies something abt a blue turban...What appalled me was the fact that they seemed to take ages to ask her the qtn and she in turn took a decade to answer it...Cripes...and coming back to Obama being splattered like a broken egg on the newspaper front pages..well,Go gal!!

anu said...

and the Go gal was directed at u,Revs.Not at Obama

Sanjeev said...

Brilliant article :) sarcasm at its best..wish some one from those two papers read this article.. well compiled.. it was short and sweet and conveyed whatever was necessarily required..
and please don't bother about what manmohan n prathiba ji do apart from holding office cos for them holding their office itself is not in their hands :D the most mute of all leaders that this nation has ever produced..
Manmohan Singh Ji, the dumbest man on the planet right now.. for all his masala degrees from the best of universities, here is the prime minister of a great democracy who has to take permission from an italic non-Indian non-Indian language speaking,not half as educated women for even his daily ablutions :)

Expecting more such hard hitting articles :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and very intersting, Revs..had a good laugh reading this post and thought provoking too :)
-rajesh chinnappan

Yalini said...

Hey.. your gripe is not totally true... We had the same kind of publicity when Abdul Kalam was elected as the president. They wrote everything about him, even the kind of pen he uses. You know his vision and mission and our media devoted a lot of pages to him.

Though Pratibha Patil was the first women president, she replacing Dr. Abdul Kalam was not so compromising to most of them. She neither made any promises nor drew the press's attention.

The same stunt was not given when George Bush was elected as president. So I think our media is not so partial.

Btw been following your blog for quite some time. It'd always been a delight to read ur posts.

Keep blogging.. Cheers :)

rj said...

I think that it wasnt a bad thing to write about a guy who was really really good at many aspects compared to the so called political leaders in India. Barack Obama did not have a single corruption complaint against his name. Atleast by reading such things people in India may start thinking that they could also elect one like him instead of these nasty politicians. Even if Hindu starts writing about Indian leaders they could write about

1 rupee rice offered by Karunanidhi.

Manmohan Singh's political stunt of fighting for a cease fire against tamils in srilanka whereas the local tamils are in disasters.

Stupid comments passed by Raj Thackeray and an equally stupid reaction by Laloo.

Mayavathi trying to become the next prime minister when she cannot properly spell P-R-Y-M M-E-E-N-E-E-S-T-E-R.

The list goes on endlessly to fill not only the first and sports page but the classifieds too.

I feel that atleast by reading good things people may by chance get to use their long used brains. Moreover it is none of our rights to ask them change their name to washington post but read selectively the great life histories of Karunanidhi, Laloo and Mayavathi if we like to do so.

Ashok said...

well, a major typo.

I feel that atleast by reading good things people may by chance get to use their long UNUSED brains.

rj said...


Thanks, for the correction.

aravind said...

everyone knows watever indian politicians talk is al rubbish n bulshit n doestnt make any sense ...the papers are thus conveying 2 our dumb*** politicians on how 2 do ther campainging wit a purpose n energy .wit a vision n a mission .got 2 accept a few things n ths the way it is ...if given a chance how many people wil watch the ranji finals between mumbai and tamilnadu ..when thers a world cup finals going on between australia n south africa ... n more they did this coverage only 4 US elections as ther are scores n scores of people living ther 4m our country ..have yu seen so much of hype ever for anyother country ..i doubt it ... hope yu wrote this jst 4 the sake of filling in the page .. sorry 4 the rude comments bt nt my fault .. cheers ..

yalini said...


Media plays a very important role in forming people's opinion on any matter. It's true that US election was a very important one that happened recently.

"She is not saying media shouldn't have covered it. All she is asking is so much for a foreign country and why not for our own Indians."

My point is they did for great people who deserved it like APJ.

But on the other hand, if the politician is corrupt and they are talking bullshit media has a greater responsibility of bringing that to people's notice.
So I think your comment is so biased to US of A.

This post is really gud because it gives a totally different perspective of the whole election thingie.. :)

Anonymous said...

I being from a slightly older generation took a lot of time fathoming your use of "4". That apart, have you read the letter of Mr.Manmohan singh, at the end of the no-confidence motion. Have your read Chidambaram's justification of his policies, and the abosolute clarity behind those...every country has bad politicians. Bush was bad, he said a lot of crap, Zardari referred to Palin as gorgeous (wasnt that a gaffe), Saddam was bad,he said and did a lot of stupid things. I agree with the author, not that i know her well, the Indian media is justified in covering the US election, but is not so when giving the kind of undue coverage that it gave and is continuing to give.

aravind said...

@ yalini
@ anonymous

im happy that so many people are like against me hmm coming bck 2 the topic again ...hey listen tel wats the point in listening 2 the speech of chief minister of tamilnadu ???? he ll taking abt some x y z issue which only the people who are present ther for biriyani packets wil clap for that ..others watching on tv wont even b able 2 understand wat he is taking abt ths the real fact ...

wats the point in telling the media 2 such such a dumbo speech which is of no use other thn getting votes ... media should cover the elections if the person taking on the stage makes some sense atleast no issues over that thn our politicians are such that it wont happen that way .. beg for votes n gain position this is and this wil b ther aim , motto , vision watever yu cal it .... don yu get a sense of positivity when yu see a president of a country running n coming 2 the stage it motivates yu young r old whoever it is ..

im nt here 2 support US nor 2 degarde bt thn common sense should prevail

@ anonymous

plz reveal urself n thn comment !!!im saying plz cover the issues which matter 2 us n nt some silly speechs which are given by our politicians ...

@ revathi k i know its high v stop this .. sry for such a long discussion on ur blog .. cheers

Revathi said...

It quite interesting to see so many varied comments on this post!! :)

I am stupid, where is the pun??? :-\

oh yeah. Despite my undying love for the game, elevating cricketers to the status of god is another bone that i need to pick with these newspapers.

heh!! Thanks a lot!! :)

LOL. the go gal CANNOT be directed at obama. errr. i hope u realise why!!! :P. Thank you soooooo much!! :)

Thanks a lot. :)

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading my posts. and i agree with you. maybe this post comes across as being too harsh and maybe it
just mirrors my frustration. i m not saying our newspapers do not cover good politicians in India but what i dont understand
is why so much of hype for the US election. there are so many crying issues in this country which are more important than "does malia have dog allergies or not". thats my point. just to increase readership most of the newspapers print whatever they can lay their hands on. like you are saying the actions of the bad politicians should also be covered by our papers more than the good which is being done.
Thanks a lot!! :)

i dunno if you are an indian or not but if you are do u realise that you probably just counted yourself in the "list of people
with unused brains"?? what is the point of reading about good things if even after reading about them your brains still remain unused? and just asking, but i would sure like to know if u consider knowing about Malia's allergies a good thing. if that is considered a "good" thing to know i would rather be called a person whose brain is unused. i am NOT saying that the US elections shouldnt be covered. It is an important thing and ought to be covered given it is a superpower. all i am saying is that it was just not worth the extensive coverage that it got.
and about changing the names i was just being sarcastic and that was not the point on which the article was based.
you seem to have totally missed the point.!! :)
Thanks anyway!!


please read anonymous' and yalini's comments. I feel the same. and errrr. i may APPEAR to be extremely jobless but i sure have other things to do than filling up pages!! :D. Kidding!! :)
P.S: how difficult is it to type "for" and "two"? just asking!! ;)

@yalini and anon
Thanks for taking up my case!! :)

Naaah!! suit yourself and have a good fight on my blog!! :). Please dont apologise
Thanks a lot!! :)

Anonymous said...

@sree (3rd comment in this page), Obama DID call up Manmohan Singh to briefly discuss Indo-US ties,but Singh could not answer the call as he was in some meeting.Obama called again the next day and the discussion was done.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly my point. You never listen to the speeches of Karunanidhi, thinking that it is all about briyani politics(let me call it that way)...and thats the reason why you keep saying that they ramble (if thats the word you wanted to use)

Well you dont even know if Obamas speeches are mere rhetoric or are they going to convert into are willing to take up the side of someone who has just run campaigns in his life.....but you would not like to even know what karunanidhi has done to the lives of millions of people across the state....over many personally may not like him, but that is just a case of individual opinion....if the poeple of TN vote for him, for whatever good they see in him...then i guess the majority is not with the few urbanites like us.....

Ang again i dont find the need to reveal who i am, becasue that does not add any meat to the discussion or the argument.

If in case you wish to say, that you are not willing to discuss if i dont reveal myself,then i am ok and will allow you to hide behind that cloak...

Dinesh said...

Revs...Obama was a writer and had two books published way before he began his presidential campaign ;-). A writer became the President...I'm sure that means something to you :-)

The other wonderful thing was the contrast between Obama and Sarah Palin...oh didnt it feel good that an intellectual had defeated a beauty queen?

See, Obama's victory gives hope to people, it tells them that a decent man can make it in politics (I'm going make an assumption that he's decent). So they want to get to know him better. Knowing what kind of dog he will have makes them feel closer to him. After being totally frustrated by Bush's idiocies, they finally have a guy they can relate to. Silly as a lot of the news articles may seem, they are essentialy celebrating the victory of the honest decent man over the idiot president.

And I'm sorry, the only thing that Pratibha has going for her is that she's a woman..she hardly seems to have personality. Kalam had that in spades.

The thing about political victories in India is that educated people like you and me hardly find it a cause to celebrate..we dont really trust those in power. When was the last time you danced on the streets because the Congress came into power? :-)

and Oy, you work for an IT company :-). Some US client is responsible for your salary.

No offence intended