Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So true!! :)

One of my favorite cartoon strips!! :). Found it when i was cleaning my folders!! :). I think all bloggers would be able to relate to this one!! :)
(Click on image to see the bigger version of the strip!! :))


Anonymous said...

Lolz...exactly how I feel! :P
I feel ki no one can write better than me, on my blog that is!! :D

Ramyah Subramaniam said...

LOL!! Reflects what i think.:p

Anitha said...

Waah kya baat hai!
man! awesome writing ;)
I 'av been a silent reader of ur blog for so many months nd now I can no longer remain silent! No doubt u wud hav seen a frequent visitor frm Melbourne & tats mi!
I jus luvvv ur writings, ur words usage nd evrytin absolutely fantastic!
Needless to make a point on ur part in story (romance) contest, tat was really nice.
Keep writing ;) Im sure u wud b 1 of my al time favourites!

Srinath S said...


GoodEarth said...

yes.. this 1 speaks my mind :)